Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bridge Construction Day 3

Day 3 saw foundation concrete work completed on north side of creek.

This project calls for cabinet grade precision

You won't find creature comforts at this work site

No concrete trucks here... mixing and pouring is done by hand

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bridge Construction Begins

Cumberland Trail bridge construction over Big Possum Creek began today with Cumberland Trail volunteers and Soddy Daisy TTA members participating. The day started with movement of building material and equipment to work site. Next came foundation excavation on north side of creek. The day ended with the first concrete pour in the freshly dug foundation.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Perkins Point

This was a dual purpose event. One objective was to explore, inspect, and remove obstructions from the jeep trail that will be used to transport tools and building material to Big Possum Creek bridge construction site. Second objective was to take in the view from Perkins Point. Trip started with a .7 mile jeep trail ride to a location that provided a place to turn around.

We then parked vehicles and continued the jeep trail inspection on foot. After encountering and removing numerous trees across the trail, we finally reached the intersection of jeep trail and Cumberland Trail.

From there we hiked the Cumberland Trail to Perkins Point where we had lunch, took in the view, and posed for a group photo.

We then retraced our steps back to vehicles. Total walking distance was approximately 4.5 miles and total driving distance on the jeep trail was about 1.4 miles.

Hikers pictured are: Jan Agee, TC Varner, Judy Varner, Don Deakins, Ed Swanner, Carla Hilling, Brandy Selman, and Carol Deakins.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Reflection Riding

Didn’t have a big crowd but did have a big time. Caroline Woerner, Judy Varner, Carol Deakins, and Don Deakins hiked 3.5 miles on the gravel trails of Reflection Riding at Chattanooga Nature Center. Stopped along the way for photo op in an old log cabin. Ended the day with a tour of the Nature Center where we saw red wolves, a black vulture, a bald eagle, a great horned owl, and red tailed hawks. A bobcat, which we were anxious to see, was not as cooperative and never revealed itself.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Big Possum Creek

Ted Varner, Judy Varner, Mark Jordan, Teresa Jordan, Don Deakins, and Carol Deakins hiked the Cumberland Trail from Heiss Mountain Road trailhead to future site of Big Possum Creek Bridge where preliminary construction work begins in 12 days. Upon arrival at Big Possum Creek, we established a picnic area atop a big rock and took a lunch break. Creek flow had decreased to almost a trickle so we didn't have to talk over the roar of whitewater that is sometimes present. After lunch we walked further up the trail toward Perkins Point to inspect the ATV trail which will be used to bring in construction material. We then returned to Big Possum Creek, picked up our packs, and began our walk back to Heiss Mountain Road. Near the halfway point of our climb out of the gorge, we stopped to cut a dead pine that had fallen across the trail. No one remembered to bring a chain saw, therefore we resorted to the old fashion method, an ax, which Ted usually carries. After removing the trail obstruction, we resumed our walk back to Heiss Mountain Road and completed the approximate 3 mile trek.

Friday, August 15, 2008

First Meeting

First Chapter Meeting
Held at Rafael's in Soddy Daisy

In Attendance:
  • TC Varner
  • Mike White
  • Ed Swanner
  • Judy Varner
  • Mark Jordan
  • Carla Hilling
  • Don Deakins
  • Carol Deakins
  • Teresa Jordan
  • Sarah Bonneau
  • George Bonneau
Collected membership fee from:
  • Mike White
  • Carla Hilling
  • Lee & Pat Hilling
  • Don & Carol Deakins
  • Mark & Teresa Jordan
  • George & Sarah Bonneau
Officers appointed:
  • Treasurer: Carla Hilling
  • Hike Coordinator: Don Deakins
Discussed handling of treasure. Topic was tabled until more information and specific requirements are obtained.

Decided Carla Hilling will attend annual meeting in October to finalize steps for becoming a chapter.

Decided chapter meeting would be held quarterly and our second meeting will be held shortly after the annual meeting.

Scheduled a hike 2 days subsequent to this meeting for August 16, 2008. The hike will consist of a visit to the Cumberland Trail bridge construction site on Big Possum Creek where preliminary work is scheduled to begin on August 28. We will begin at Heiss Mountain Road trailhead and walk approximately 1.4 miles to Big Possum Creek. There we will take a long lunch break. Afterwards we will retrace our steps and return to Heiss Mountain Road. Round trip walking distance will be approximately 2.8 miles.

Decided we will highlight one hike a month in TTA newsletter and provide a URL link to our Google scheduling calendar to publicize other hikes. (subject to revision)

Discussed volunteer work on Cumberland Trail bridge building project at Big Possum Creek. Preliminary work to begin on August 28. Project specifics will be available on or after August 22.

Discussed two options in which to participate for National Public Lands Day (Sept 27).
  • Cumberland Trail bridge building project on Big Possum Creek
  • Four mile hike on Black Mountain guided by CTC staff and sponsored by Earl Duff Subaru of Harriman, TN
Discussed our previously performed volunteer trail building work at Audubon Acres in north Hamilton County on August 8 and 9. This section will ultimately be a spur off the Cumberland Trail.