Sunday, March 29, 2009

Outdoor Expo

This event was originally scheduled for Saturday but had to be postponed until Sunday due to rain in Saturday’s forecast. As it turned out, Saturday may have been the better day because little rain materialized on Saturday and Sunday was cold and windy.

The display, provided by Tennessee Trails Association, was delivered to Chattanooga by Ron Dunn of Murfreesboro Chapter who joined Soddy Daisy members Jan Agee, Brandy Selman, Carol Deakins, and Don Deakins for display setup and manning of the booth. We were later joined by Ed Swanner, TC Varner, Nance Jo Ogozalek, George Bonneau, and Lora Smith, all from Soddy Daisy Chapter.

Considering less than optimum weather, Outdoor Expo had a surprising turn out. The TTA booth also had a surprising number of visitors and much of the credit for attracting those visitors must go to the designers and builders of the eye catching TTA display. Thanks to whomever they are.

TTA display at Chattanooga Outdoor Expo

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Audubon Mountain

Caroline Woerner, Jan Agee, Brandy Selman, Nance Jo Ogozalek, Sue Postell, Steve Postell, Carol Deakins and Don Deakins combined a short hike with trail maintenance at the recently constructed Audubon Mountain Trail in Sale Creek. This trail will eventually be a spur trail off the Cumberland Trail. We painted blazes (trail markers) on trees along the trail, picked up temporary flagging used to mark the route for trail builders, and recorded a GPS track log to be used for mapping the trail.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Stinging Fork & Twin Rocks

Soddy Daisy TTA members Caroline Woerner, George Bonneau, Jan Agee, Brandy Selman, Bob McGavock, Sue Postell, Steve Postell, Nance Jo Ogozalek, Judy Varner, Carol Deakins, and Don Deakins were joined by Leslie El-Sayad and Leshe El-Sayad of East Tennessee Chapter and Karen Dale of Chattanooga Hiking Club for a trip to Stinging Fork Falls and Twin Rocks Nature Trail. The day began with a caravan drive from Bakewell to Stinging Fork near Spring City where we met East Tennessee members. The Stinging Fork hike consisted of a stop at Indian Head Point Overlook to enjoy the view followed by a steep descend into the gorge where falls are located. Upon reaching Stinging Fork Falls, we paused for a snack and group photo before beginning the climb back to top. After completing the Stinging Fork portion of this event, 3 hikers had to leave but the remaining 11 drove to Piney River Trailhead where Twin Rocks Nature Trail begins. It is a long uphill climb to Twin Rocks but the view is well worth the trip. We took an extended break atop the rocks before we began the return trip on a slightly different route which took us to Flat Rock on Piney River. There we paused to enjoy the river before ending the hike with a short walk back to awaiting vehicles. The day ended with luxury dining at the Krystal in Dayton

Slide show of Don's photos

Group photo at Stinging Fork Falls

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cooper Creek

For this week's mid-week hike, Jan Agee, Brandy Selman, Carol Deakins, and Don Deakins explored the new section of Cumberland Trail presently under construction in North Chickamauga Gorge. This section extends the North Chick trail from Stevenson Branch Campsite toward its ultimate destination on Signal Mountain. A large portion of this new section parallels Cooper Creek and provides an unusually scenic route. I've heard numerous comments describing this trail segment as the most beautiful and most enjoyable piece of the entire Cumberland Trail, and after hiking it today, I can't argue with them.

It is not uncommon to encounter a friend or acquaintance on the trail. Today we met Jim Schroeder, one of the trail designers. He was on his way out as we were on our way in. After a short discussion, we continued on our way.

We concluded the day with a few miles of 4 wheeling in our Jeeps.

Slide show of Don's photos

Ready to hit the trail

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday at Rock Creek

Soddy Daisy TTA members Jan Agee, Brandy Selman, Nance Jo Ogozalek, Carol Deakins, and Don Deakins were joined by Bob McGavock, a soon-to-be member of Soddy Daisy TTA, Diane Manas of Nashville Chapter, and Mike Harvey of Murfreesboro Chapter for a Rock Creek Loop hike with a side trip down the spur trail to Leggett Point Overlook. Diane and Mike are here as part of Spring BreakAway trail construction. Wednesday is an off day for BreakAway participants which presented them with some free time today.

Group photo at Leggett Point Overlook

Lunch break at Rock Creek

Monday, March 9, 2009

BreakAway 3-9-09

BreakAway 2009 is a 5-week trail building program that involves students from across the United States traveling to Tennessee and donating their spring break to construct and maintain trail. Objectives of BreakAway 2009 are repair and building of new trail in North Chickamauga Gorge, replacing three log bridges in Rock Creek Gorge, and assisting with construction of a bridge in Little Possum Gorge. Jan Agee and Brandy Selman are participating in the North Chick trail construction. The link below provides pictures of their crew and work performed today.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rails to Trails

Soddy Daisy TTA members Don Deakins, Carol Deakins, Brandy Selman, Mark Jordan, and Caroline Woerner were joined by Sue Postell, Steve Postell, Nancy Nason, Karen Dale, Linda Wooden, Gary Olix, Nance Jo Ogozalek, and Jerry Watkins for an exploratory 6+ mile hike of the proposed Soddy Daisy Rails to Trails route. Excellent weather and great company made for a good day on the trail.

Soddy Daisy TTA membership increased by one today as we welcome Nance Jo Ogozalek on board.

Slide show of Don's photos

Group photo at Dallas Hollow Road overpass

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Piney River Kiosk

Soddy Daisy TTA members Ted Varner, Ed Swanner, Carol Deakins, and Don Deakins were accompanied by Ted's grandson, Justin Varner for assembly and erection of a new kiosk at Piney River trailhead. Favorable weather conditions made for excellent working conditions which helped speed this job to completion.

Slide show of Don's photos

Piney River construction crew

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Laurel-Snow Kiosk

Soddy Daisy TTA members Ted Varner, Ed Swanner, Jan Agee, Brandy Selman, Carol Deakins, and Don Deakins were joined by Ronald Skiles and Justin Varner for assembly and erection of a new kiosk at Laurel-Snow trailhead. This group worked efficiently together and turned what would have been an all day job into a morning project.

Slide show of Don's photos

Construction crew in front of new kiosk