Friday, July 23, 2010

Jeep Trails

An exploratory trip to Prentice Cooper in search of ATV trails or jeep trails suitable for hiking revealed many new options, however the trails explored today are rugged and include extremely steep segments. It is also a long drive out Tower Road to access these trails but the benefit of avoiding ticks and chiggers is hard to ignore. I will definitely add these to the “To-Do” list.

View from Bluff View Road, a jeep trail that skirts precipice

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Night Hike

An exceptional group of hikers consisting of Amy Boortz, Ann Huckaba, Bill Kinnaman, Carol Deakins, Caroline Woerner, Che Carico, Debbie Lambert, Don Deakins, Earl Helmer, Ed Ellett, Ed Swanner, Gwen Brimer, Jeff Guenther, Jane Ellett, Joanne Denise, Karen Ramsey, Keith Weller, Maria Lubkowitz, Reggie Jay, Richard Park, Sara Pollard, Sunny Hart, Tony Hook, and Vicki McCoy turned out for an evening cookout and night hike at Prentice Cooper State Forest. The evening got off to an exciting start as we encountered a Timber Rattlesnake in the road as we approached our destination. After taking a few photos, we persuaded the snake to move to a safer location away from the road and then proceeded on to Davis Pond.

At Davis Pond we fired up the grills, cooked, ate, and then prepared for the night hike out Pot Point Road. Although it was late in the evening, conditions were still warm and humid but it seems everyone had a great time and many suggestions were made for another night hike, including hiking under a full moon and hiking at night in cold weather. I think we can expect another night hike on the schedule in the not too distant future.

Slide show of Don's photos

Group photo at Davis Pond

Friday, July 9, 2010

Road Hike

Jane Ellett, Carol Deakins, and Don Deakins explored another backwoods jeep trail at Prentice Cooper and found a good 3.6 mile loop that begins and ends at the main trail head parking area. About .75 mile of this walk is on Tower Road, the main road through Prentice Cooper. This loop provides an easily accessible route for hikers looking for a short, easy walk through the woods without having to worry about ticks and chiggers.

Backwoods jeep trail

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pot Point Road

Today’s moderate temperature and low humidity provided excellent conditions for Jan Agee, Earl Helmer, George Bonneau, Caroline Woerner, Carol Deakins, and Don Deakins to hike Pot Point Road at Prentice Cooper State Forest. Pot Point Road is a dirt road that runs from Tower Road to Davis Pond and continues on to a dead end at Pot Point. A second dirt road intersects Pot Point Road near Pot Point and provides an alternate route back to Davis Pond. We began and ended our hike at Davis Pond which resulted in a 4 mile round trip on terrain that could be rated easy. This was such an enjoyable hike that we discussed doing it again at night.

Slide show of Don's photos

Group photo at Davis Pond