Thursday, September 27, 2012

Road Walk

Today, in an attempt to stay away from yellow jackets, ticks, and chiggers, we hiked Prentice Cooper jeep roads instead of trails. This 3.7 mile walk began at the main trail head. We hiked up Tower Drive and turned left onto Rally Ridge Road, followed Rally Ridge Road down to East Brow Road where we took another left and remained on East Brow until its intersection with Lusk Point Road. There we took another left and walked along Lusk Point Road out to Tower Drive which took us back to the main trailhead. Perfect weather and excellent conversation made for another superb day in the great outdoors.

Hiking along East Brow Rd in Prentice Cooper

Friday, September 14, 2012

Chiggers Galore

Today's 6.7 mile hike began at the Little Possum Creek construction entrance and ended at Retro Hughes Trailhead. It was not a typical hike for this stretch of trail as we were plagued by chiggers, particularly on the section of trail that follows an old coal mining road between Little Possum Creek Bridge and Imodium Falls. This segment is covered with weeds and those weeds are full of chiggers. We had to make regular stops and brush hundreds of chiggers from our pants and possibly thousands on a couple of occasions. There were also a few ticks in the mix. Two yellow jacket nests were also encountered along the trail but fortunately they reacted normally and didn't attack us.

This segment is in need of a maintenance hike with a chain saw due to numerous trees on the trail but I'll not hike the section again until it is too cold for chiggers.

Atop Imodium Falls

Monday, September 10, 2012

Dry Branch

After two weeks without hiking, Bob DeHart and I made an afternoon decision to hike Dry Branch Road at Prentice Cooper. A departure time of about 2:00pm put us at Dry Branch Road around 3:00pm. We parked on Dry Branch Road just off Tower Drive, hiked down Dry Branch Road to the intersection of Minchner Point Road, followed Minchner Point Road back to Tower Drive and walked along Tower Drive back to the vehicle which concluded this short 3.5 mile trek. Although we got a very late start today, weather was still comfortable and made us aware of cooler weather just ahead.

Hiking on Dry Branch Road