Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Road Hike

Today's road hike at Prentice Cooper State Forest began at the intersection of Tower Drive and Persimmon Branch Road. We hiked down Persimmon Branch Road to the intersection of Maple Branch Road, then followed Maple Branch Road to the intersection of Short Creek Road. At Short Creek Road we turned left which took us back to Tower Drive. Upon reaching Tower Drive, it was just 1/4 mile back to our starting point. A casual pace and minimal elevation changes made this 4 mile hike very enjoyable and one that we may repeat in the not too distant future.

Group photo on Maple Branch Road

Hiking on Maple Branch Road

Hiking on Maple Branch Road

Saturday, June 22, 2013

New Boat

Trish Appleton got her new boat today and since she lives on the lake, we didn't waste any time getting it in the water. We just puttered around in her slough but did find some backwater to explore that only a kayak could navigate. This new boat needs to paddle through the swampy area at Sale Creek before the weeds get to thick.

Don's photos

Trish's new boat begins its maiden voyage

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Paddling Sale Creek

Mark Jordan, Teresa Jordan, TC Varner, Judy Varner, and Don Deakins made a return trip to Sale Creek and paddled all the way to a log jam that has been the stopping point for the last two years. Some of the jam had washed away. Mark decided he would clear a hole in what remained so he could paddle a little farther upstream. He was successful in clearing a hole, and although too shallow, he and Judy were able to force their kayaks through. Unfortuantely they discovered Sale Creek was too shallow beyond the log jam, even for a kayak.

Don's photos

Getting ready to launch