Sunday, July 28, 2013

Market St to Suck Creek

Caroline Woerner, Brandy Selman, and Don Deakins spent Sunday on Tennessee River paddling from Market Street Bridge in Chattanooga downstream to Suck Creek boat ramp, a 10.5 mile trip. Weather was ideal and few boats were on the river below Chickamauga Dam which made for a pleasurable day on the water.

Don's photos

Brandy and Caroline paddling down TN River

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Braddison Brow Road

Again we elected to stay away from ticks and chiggers by hiking on jeep trails at Prentice Cooper. Today's 5+ mile hike began and ended on Tower Drive. We parked along Tower Drive at the intersection of Persimmon Branch Road, walked about 1/4 mile down Tower Drive and turned left on Sulphur Branch Road. About 1.75 miles down Sulphur Branch Road we veered left onto Braddison Brow Road, a 3 mile dirt road that took us back to Tower Drive near our starting point.

Hiking on Braddison Brow Road

Braddison Brow Rd skirts along CT near Lawson Rock Overlook

Water crossing on Braddison Brow Rd

Friday, July 12, 2013

Another Road Hike

Today's road hike at Prentice Cooper was similar to our June 25th hike except today when we reached Short Creek Road, instead of left we turned right which took us to Lusk Cemetery on Tower Drive. Fortunately we started early and finished before it got hot so the entire hike was comfortable. We did encounter numerous water crossings on these back roads which did add a little challenge to our attempts to stay dry.

Don's photos

Group photo on Short Creek Rd at one of many water crossings

Monday, July 8, 2013

Big Soddy Bridge Site

A phone call from TC Varner resulted in an impromptu hike to Big Soddy Creek. We wanted to check progress on bridge construction over the creek. Our first stop was at Deep Creek where we discovered little has been done on that bridge since our last visit. Upon arrival at Big Soddy Creek, we found the temporary bridge had again been washed out and little work had been done on the permanent bridge. Unusually heavy rain has hampered all preparations for this project and continues to curtail progress.

Group photo at Big Soddy Creek bridge site

Bridge construction over Deep Creek moving slow

Weather continues to hamper Soddy Creek bridge construction