Thursday, December 10, 2015

Big Soddy Creek

In December 2014, I made a video about the Soddy Gorge segment of Cumberland Trail. At that time the bridge over Big Soddy Creek was still under construction. We had to turn back because the creek was too dangerous to attempt a crossing and we couldn't include the bridge in the video. It is now one year later and the bridge is finally complete. TC Varner, Carol, and I hiked in to record some video of the new bridge which will be edited into the original video. We picked an excellent day to hike; conditions couldn't have been better. T-shirt weather in December is becoming common place.

Group photo at Big Soddy Creek

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

McGill Creek Prep

In preparation for McGill Creek trail construction, TC Varner, Don Deakins, Bob DeHart, Keith Weller, and Caroline Woerner along with Chattanooga Hiking Club (Suzanne Dorough, Teresa Dean, Mac Dean, Louis Spencer, John Rowland, Bill Kinnaman, Gwen Brimer, Trish Appleton, Che Carico, and Wanda McCarter) cleared the approximate one mile long logging road that stretches from Brayton Road to McGill Creek. We used a chain saw, brush cutter, weed eater, many handsaws, pruners, and loppers. You can now walk the entire length of the old road without being hit in face with limbs or having to climb over blow-downs.