Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Road Walk

Carol and I had Prentice Cooper State Forest all to ourselves except for three Forest Service bulldozers working on roads. Fortunately they were moving to east side of Tower Drive as we started down Persimmon Branch Road on west side of Tower Drive. Our hike took us down Persimmon Branch Road, then Maple Branch Road followed by Short Creek Road, and finally back to Tower Drive for an approximate 4 mile round trip. We got an earlier start than originally planned which allowed us to enjoy some of the cooler morning air.

Coming up Maple Branch Road

Going up Maple Branch Road

Friday, August 26, 2016

Hiwassee Refuge

Bob, Carol, and I made a quick trip to Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge where we could walk on gravel roads, hopefully see some wildlife, and stay clear of chigger infested weeds. We didn't encounter any wildlife and hopefully we didn't pick up chiggers but we did learn it is still too hot to hike except early in the morning. I'm hoping for an early fall.

Group photo near inlet gate

Saturday, August 13, 2016

McGill Creek Trail

Bob, Caroline, Jane, Deborah, Lora, Carol, and I met at Roaring Creek Trailhead, then shuttled up to the Brayton Road crossing where we started our hike. We first hiked down to McGill Creek, took a long break at the creek, and then returned to Brayton Road. Instead of driving back to Roaring Creek we decided to leave the shuttle vehicle and hike down the trail since some had not seen this section. At hike's end and after retrieving the shuttle vehicle, a few drove over to the Downey View Trailhead.

Group photo at McGill Creek bridge site

Future site of Downey View Drive Trailhead

Monday, August 8, 2016

Downey View Drive

For those that might be interested in helping build McGill Creek Trail on south side of McGill Creek, here’s a map to location where work will soon begin.

click to enlarge

Monday, August 1, 2016

McGill Bridge Site

Carol and I hiked the new McGill Creek Trail down to the future site of McGill Creek Bridge and recorded a GPS track log of the trail to that point. We also took a few photos of the future bridge site, one of which is shown below. I've not wheeled this trail for an accurate length measurement but the track log indicates approximately 1.2 miles from Brayton Road to bridge site.

McGill Creek future bridge site