Sunday, November 27, 2016

Wild Fire Aftermath

Our trail inspection after the Mowbray wildfire found that the SCC Trail from rock climber's parking lot down to Cumberland Trail suffered much damage, mostly from fire breaks cut by a bulldozer. The trail is not easy to follow. Someone not familiar with area might get lost trying to find their way down to Cumberland Trail.

We found that fire had burned down to Deep Creek on both sides of creek but Deep Creek Bridge suffered no damage. The fire also burned to Big Soddy Creek. Big Soddy Creek Bridge also survived intact.

After a short break at Big Soddy Bridge, we rock hopped down Big Soddy Creek to the Soddy Gulf property, then followed trail and roads back to vehicle. We've been talking about doing some rock hopping. Today might have been the last chance we'll have until next year since rain is in the forecast.

Don's photos

Group photo on Big Soddy Creek Bridge

Friday, November 25, 2016

Trail Construction

This crew of four spent a large majority of the day finding and retrieving rocks for step construction. Unfortunately there were no rocks at or above the work site so they had to be carried or rolled from far below. Since much of our time and energy went into moving rocks uphill, we didn't get as much trail built as expected but did complete a nice set of steps.

Don's photos

Group photo at work site

Saturday, November 12, 2016

McGill Creek with MTTA

Mother Nature provided excellent weather for our hike with Murfreesboro Chapter of Tennessee Trails. We hiked from Roaring Creek Trailhead to McGill Creek and back, a 4.5 mile round trip. Cumberland Trail Volunteers headed home afterwards but MTTA drove to Rock Creek for a hike around the loop. Hopefully sometime next year, if trail construction is complete, we can hike through to Downey View Road and not have to turn back at the creek.

Group photo along McGill Creek

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Soddy Gorge

We met at Soddy Gulf, then shuttled up to rock climber's parking area above Deep Creek where hike began. There was lots of smoke in the air. As we hiked down into Deep Creek Gorge, we could see dense smoke up the gorge so we knew fire was moving in our direction. Our hike included stops at Deep Creek which had no flow and a stop at Big Soddy Creek which had no flow. We removed trail obstructions along the way with a hand saw. At hike's end we went to retrieve the vehicle at rock climber's parking lot. It was extremely smoky; fire was getting close. Fire fighters were stationed at the parking area along with a bulldozer and excavator. A fire truck was stationed at the end of Old Hotwater Road. Looks like Deep Creek Gorge will be the victim of wild fire.

Group photo in middle of Big Soddy Creek

Fire truck ready to fight fire in Deep Creek area

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Graysville Mtn

We spent the day on Graysville Mountain hiking from Roaring Creek Trailhead to Gilbreath Creek and back, a 9 mile round trip. It took us much longer to hike to the creek than back because we encountered many trail obstructions. Fortunately we had our large hand saws and were able to remove all but 2 or 3 that will require a chain saw. The ones that will require a chain saw are laying on ground and easily stepped over so it might be best to let termites take care of them.

Enjoying view on Roaring Creek Overlook

Group photo along Gilbreath Creek